How to heal a hopeless soul that steps in the path of darkness?

A moment too soon, a moment later ,and therein lie the difference.

A reckless turn of wild abandon and random thoughts,

irrational hourglass of fragility.

Who are you lost soul that stepped onto the tracks

And starred death in the face not a moment too soon?

Someone’s child, someone’s friend,

A sister, a brother, a wife, a lover?

Faceless, blazing breast towards death sans fear,

A cry, and caution wrestles, warning heed,

Lightning startles senses, as flight determines destiny;

A change of heart steps in none too quickly,.

Arresting mortal coil.

I know you not, though I know desperation and hunger,

Loneliness, fear and unquenched love.

If we could speak, I’d tell you this,

Wherever you are, my faceless friend

You’re not alone,  at times, we all feel that way too.

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